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100% guaranteed – We stand by our services

Genuine assistance and consulting is a must to cover all your services. Our experienced team will surely boost your productivity and quality.

Administrative service – Focus on your business

Let our dedicated staff take care of all your administrative services. Paperwork, contracts, legal,… we take care of all the boring things.

International services – Australian based with world wide coverage

Here at Lloyd & Co we truly are a global entity world wide and cover all aspects of your business. Let us bring you back the joy to your work.

Tax consulting – Bringing you top value

We understand the importance of well organised tax accounting. We get the most out of it and keep following all the changes in the law all year long.

File archive – In house safe file storage

Digital archiving is the future. We provide the necessary expertise and framework for it as well as physical space for your paper storage

Availability – Any time you need us

We are just a phone call away and with amazing response and delivery time you just cannot go wrong with our services.



    We will take care of your accounting and administrative services and take the load off you.

    Business Resilience Package
    Business Resilience

    Business Resilience Package

    • November 9, 2020
    • by Daniel
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    To help your business navigate through these extremely difficult times, the Government has provided some financial assistance with their recently announced ‘Business Resilience Package’. Due to the Victorian Government’s Stage 3 & Stage 4 Restrictions put in place to combat…

    2020/21 Federal Budget
    Budget Sumamry

    2020/21 Federal Budget

    • November 9, 2020
    • by Daniel
    • No Comments

    1. Personal income tax changes 1.1 Changes to personal income tax rates The Government has announced that it will bring forward changes to the personal income tax rates that were due to apply from 1 July 2022, so that these…